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and creative director of my imagination

Copywriter at GUT SP

burger king | YOUNG LIONS


For some people chewing gum helps with stress and anxiety.
But for head coaches it helps to win games, giving them luck.

So, we created a campaign to show that something simple as chewing gum can fuel NFL fans with EXTRA luck during the game. Transforming EXTRA into the lucky charm of the NFL.

My name is Deborah Ferreira
but you can call me


​Creative LIAison 2022
London International Awards Mentee
D&AD New Blood 2021
Graphite | Bring Back Samantha
Young Ones 2021
Silver | Integrated | Extra Luck
Cannes Future Lions 2021
Finalist | Bricks For Players
Premios Lusófonos 2020
Bronze | Student | Anti Varicose Filter




GUT SP -  Current
CuboCC | 2021
Africa | 2021
Havasplus | 2019 - 2020 

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